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Coming soon: The S.League Superbabes!

Nigel Chin

S.League Superbabes

Following the success of the S.League Supergals, a second cheerleading group will be joining the S.League family for the second half of the 2012 season!

Continuing the initiative of enchancing fans’ match day experience, a new group of ten young, lively and attractive girls, aptly named the S.League Superbabes, will be performing for all fans at various S.League matches to bring additional excitement to the stands with their sharp dance moves.

The S.League Superbabes are made up of a group of polytechnic students, including one girl from the land of K-Pop, with a university student and a dance instructor also in their midst.

With a passion for dancing, the girls’ youthful vivacity is impossible to miss when they showcase their exuberant dance moves, promising to wow the audience.

All ten girls went through an intense audition process conducted by AzVox Media and Communications Pte Ltd in June, and the initial aim of the audition was to pick out five girls.

But all of them were so outstanding that, in order to give every single one of these ten the chance to perform that they deserve, AzVox ended up doubling the group size to the final figure of ten.

S.League CEO Lim Chin was delighted to see the new initiative come to fruition.

“Cheerleaders have always brought that extra spark to sports events, as seen in events around the world, and also when our very own S.League Supergals performed in the first half of the season. We have decided to continue this initiative to further improve our matchday experience in OUR S.League, and to also entertain our fans, coupled with the exciting and competitive 2012 season.”

AzVox CEO Darren Ho, speaking on behalf of the group that will represent the Superbabes, was also enthusiastic on this new project.

"With the formation of the S.League Superbabes, we believe that AzVox and, more importantly, Channel Raw have fulfilled our vision of giving budding talents a platform to showcase their talents and potentially fulfill their dreams of becoming the next star,” he highlighted.

"It is our pleasure, and it gives us immense pride to be able to provide the active services of the Superbabes to the S.League and its growing brand popularity. We hope that the spectators at the stadiums that these girls are present at will be thoroughly entertained as well."

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