The S.League is Singapore's first professional football league, kick-started by the nation's withdrawal from the Malaysia Cup in 1994. Two years later in 1996, an eight-team S.League was born.

Indeed the S.League has evolved from its humble beginnings in 1996 into the forward thinking and modern professional league it is today. In fact, the S-League is widely regarded as the best league in South East Asia.

Eight non-Singaporean teams have been involved in the S.League – Albirex Niigata FC (Singapore), Sinchi FC, Sporting Afrique FC, Liaoning Guangyuan FC, Super Reds FC, Dalian Shide Siwu, Harimau Muda and Brunei DPMM FC.

An ninth side – Etoile FC – went on to become the first non-Singaporean team to win the S.League title in 2010.

In February 2007, the S.League received a massive shot in the arm when it was shortlisted by the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) among the top ten leagues in Asia, alongside the J-League, K-League and A-League.

With nine S.League titles, Singapore Armed Forces FC/Warriors FC are the most successful side ever in the league. They also hold the record for the most number of titles won in a row, winning 4 consecutive from 2006-2009.

S.League Past Years Winners

Year     Winners
1996     Geylang United
1997     Singapore Armed Forces FC
1998     Singapore Armed Forces FC
1999     Home United
2000     Singapore Armed Forces FC
2001     Geylang United
2002     Singapore Armed Forces FC
2003     Home United
2004     Tampines Rovers
2005     Tampines Rovers
2006     Singapore Armed Forces FC
2007     Singapore Armed Forces FC
2008     Singapore Armed Forces FC
2009     Singapore Armed Forces FC
2010     Etoile FC
2011     Tampines Rovers
2012     Tampines Rovers
2013     Tampines Rovers 
2014     Warriors FC
2015     Brunei DPMM FC
2016     Albirex Niigata FC(S)
2017     Albirex Niigata FC(S)